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Welcome to Sun Moon Tours

If traveling in large groups on big tour buses is not for you , then consider Sun Moon Tours - flexible and the driver/guide speaks English. We assist our guests with everything from bargaining at markets to ordering meals. The price is affordable and you can experience so much more with an English speaking person as driver and guide.Traveling Taiwan just became a lot easier . Feel free to put together your own itinerary from the tours below.The driver is also trained in CPR & 1st Aid. Here's a link to some of our testimonials. Click here for more Taiwan tours with English speaking guide/driver

Frank & Irene's 3 Day Taiwan Tour - Tea and Culture:

Day 1:

Pick up THSR Taichung/hotel/bus etc.- Lukang (Old streets) then Sun Moon Lake, Nantou (Puli) (overnight next to Sun Moon Lake in little village with wonderful tea shops )

Day 2 :
Depart Sun Moon Lake then drive to Tainan (Visit An Ping Fort and then do a city walk to Chi Kan Tower and Confucius & Koxinga Temple), lots of food stalls etc in Tainan.
Day 3:
Tainan to Alishan ( Visit Tea farm and little boutique tea factory on the way up the moutain then walk the Giant Tree trail in Ali Shan)
Drop off anywhere inTaichung .

Cost for 2 persons including all b/fast and 1 lunch and 1 dinner, transport and accommodation
NT 23 000
Cost for 4 persons including all b/fast and 1 lunch and 1 dinner, transport and accommodation
NT 39 000
Cost for 6 persons including all b/fast and 1 lunch and 1 dinner, transport and accommodation
NT 59 000
We reserve the right to change hotels due to overbooking etc.- We wil always change to a better hotel .



Hi Eddie,

Happy New Year to you and your family!

We're finally back to Australia on Sunday. Still trying to sort out the thousands of photos we have in our camera. I've attached just a snippet of our tour because there's more than 600 photos during those 3 days of fun. I put more of the Alishan photos since they're quite nice. If you want more photos of the landmarks, just let me know.

Thank you for a great trip. We learned so much about Taiwan history, culture and the landmarks. We're definitely be back because there's still so many things to see and do.

Please thank your wife again for her wonderful Christmas gifts.

I hope you're having a busy but great day.






Call Eddie: 0972 065 479 (+886 972 065 479 outside Taiwan)

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