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(Pic's by Ralph Bosmeier, 2007/11)

Green Island has become legendary for great scuba diving and now we can offer exclusive affordable
scuba tours to Green Island from anywhere in Taiwan.We also sell scuba gear and equipment.
Click here to watch a short movie about diving and snorkeling

Below are some long awaited pics of underwater creatures of Green Island Taiwan. Clown fish are abundant here!

Pics by Caroline ( Netherlands) and Mori ( Taiwan)

fishes green island taiwan

(Pic's by Ralph Bosmeier, 2007/11)


Feedback from recent guests:

To Eddie ( Owner Green Island Adventures) 2011/06/13
Dear Eddie,

Thank you so much for a great scuba weekend. We had a blast. To organize a trip for many divers is a very difficult, but I would like to thank you for your flexibility to accommodate our requests. It was also a very special weekend for my fiance and me. Thank you for organizing a dive for us, so that I could propose to her. It was a special moment in our lives and we are thankful for the arrangements you have made to make it possible.

The BBQ was great and it was nice to celebrate our engagement with my friends and with you. You have made our weekend a very special one and we do look forward to seeing you again.

Best regards
Ryno & Katherine

Ryno Proposes to Katherine Underwater


To Eddie ( Owner Green Island Adventures) 2010/10/3
Hi Eddie,
We had a great vacation
By the way we absolutely enjoyed the hospitality in your hotel. Especially Eric the older brother was so nice even on our last day he gave us a hiking tour.
Last but not least Moriye did a very good job with the choice of the dive locations. He right away figured that Marlene is a less experienced diver and adjusted the difficulty accordingly. He also gave us valuable hints how to improve our performance. We enjoyed the boat dive too. On our to do list will be to come back next year during the less crowded off season. We just got a taste on the weekend crowd poring in this Saturday.



Hi Eddie,
Thanx for the wonderful time on Green Island!
We enjoyed our stay in Boutique Hotel very much! We will definitely recommend it to our friends! Very good service and very nice owner/people working there and our room was also spacious, clean and comfortable.
The diving with Moriyeh(your dive guide) was very nice!!! We liked it very much. We liked feeding the fish at Shih Lang, but the divingsites Dabaisha and Confucius Rock were much more beautiful for the coral and the fishes.
Please thank Moriyeh for the wonderful time we had with him!
The pick-up and the drop off by taxi were well arranged and a scooter is really necessary on the island!
We are very satisfied!
Thanks and regards,
Oscar and Mirelle

Moriyeh ( dive instructor/ guide - Green island adventures)

I received the pictures and they look great.  Thank you.  Do you happen to have a good picture of the eel and some of the ‘seed’ pods in the yellow corral?


As someone with limited experience diving it was a real pleasure having your help during my time on Green Island.    You made the time very enjoyable.  I hope I have the opportunity to return to Taiwan and have you guide me in some additional diving.



Robert Griffin 2010/5/06


Hi Eddie Viljoen (owner of Green Island Adventures ),

My wife and I are back in Thailand now after our trip to Taiwan.
I just wanted to say thanks very much for the Green Island arrangments. The diving was fantastic, and Moriyeh was a great divemaster. Also, thanks to everyone at your Boutique Hotel, who were extremely friendly and helpful, especially with arranging for us to fly back to the mainland!
We both enjoyed Taiwan very much, and hope to return in the future. We will be in touch if we plan some more diving, and will definitely recommend your company to any of our friends who visit Taiwan.
Best wishes,



1)Hi Eddie
Thanks again for an enjoyable weekend. Eddie Thank you for setting it up I like the room and the scooter and the young man who took me to the boat and back to the train station was most helpful and pleasant. He even came inside and made sure I knew which train to get on. I look forward to another visit and my next trip to Taiwan .

Brian Bruce ( Australia)


Once again thanks for the great trip!

I usually don't go to guided tours, but you proved me wrong, your tour was great!
Really liked the Green Island and the diving, and everything went smoothly, and people were great also.
Markku ( Finland)

I have been telling my buddies how great the trip was,  Thanks for all you help.  The people were all great and the service was top notch.Once again, thanks for taking care of me. 

Lewis (USA)

4)Hello Eddie,

I would like to let you know that I realy enjoyed a great weekend at Green Island. It was a wonderful break in a very busy business trip to the region. Perfectly organized and highly recommendable!

Regards, Ralph ( Australia)

5)Eddie -

Thanks for arranging a fabulous trip! 

Nancy (USA/Taiwan)

The trip was just fabulous. You got us started perfectly. The hotel was clean, comfortable and friendly: say thank you again for us to Jack and Ms Lee and staff.
The harbor you recommended was great; snorkeling was so fine and the scenery starts right outside that little marina.  Altho we didn't actually see an octopus, it still felt like an octopus's garden.  Totally mesmerizing  -  so many varieties of coral and fish we were in awe.
Cruising the island on the scooter was a blast. Food at the Fisherman's was delicious.  And of course the hot springs -  serene and perfect.   The general lack of development is so appreciated - the natural beauty of Green Island is a well of refreshment.
Thanks for your help.
Joan and Frank Reberger

Respect the reef

If it bothers you that the dive boat crew litters the ocean; if it saddens you that a boat uses its anchor and not mooring buoys; if it irritates you that other divers touch coral; if it frustrates you that the dive brief doesn't include conservation guidelines then it is down to you to help set an example for good diving practices. 

It is all too easy to imagine that most if not all divers have an inherent respect for the ocean. However we know that this is not entirely true these guidelines are a sensible and timely reminder to all divers and dive operators to take increased responsibility for preserving the precious coral reefs.

In the water

Avoid all physical contact with corals and marine life; even the slightest touch can crumble sponges or remove the surface of corals and do damage that takes corals years to recover from.  Whilst touching marine life is an unforgivable intrusion into the underwater world. e.g. puffing up 'puffer fish', riding turtles, collecting shells.
Do not feed fish; Numerous studies have shown that feeding fish disrupts their normal normal feeding patterns and his harmful to the fish.

It leads to a reduced ability to capture natural food, makes them dependent on people and they lose their natural wariness of people, leading to aggressive behaviour.
It may also be harmful to divers especially when attempting to feed fish with poor eyesight but a strong sense of smell! e.g moray eels, groupers, they might easily mistake your hand for the food!

Don't litter the ocean
; even biodegradable items such as banana skins and orange peel can be mistaken by fish and marine mammals and shouldn't be thrown overboard. Worse still are plastic water bottles, snack wrappers, cigarette butts and waste food. Take a carrier bag with you and offer to collect rubbish for safe disposal.  How many times have you seen divers and boat crew throwing their cigarette buts into the ocean?

Take nothing out of the sea, except recent litter
; use your judgment - most floating items pose a threat for marine life - for example plastic bags cause a significant hazard to turtles that confuse them for jellyfish, ingesting them and then dying. However some older debris (old tires, dead sea shells) may already have formed habitats for some marine life.

Practice good buoyancy control; peak buoyancy control is key to enjoying a relaxed underwater encounter minimising the risk of contact with corals or rock formations.

Adopt appropriate finning techniques for the conditions; mid water column diving might warrant a regular kicking motion whilst a frog-kick or gentle flutter kick could be more appropriate for closer proximity to corals and the sea bed to avoid kicking up sediment.

Ensure all equipment is well secured so that it doesn't drag or catch on corals; being able to locate your gauges and octopus without looking is not only sensible diving practice it avoids items knocking or snagging on corals.

Adhere to all local dive rules and regulations; each dive location may have separate rules that should be acknowledged. Find out and adhere to these guidelines for safe and enjoyable diving.

On land / boats

Encourage and support the use of dive moorings; choose and reward dive operators that use fixed moorings at dive sites. Dropping an anchor overboard can cause monumental damage to coral reefs and the surrounding environment.

Learn more about coral reefs, fish and marine creatures
; the more you learn, the more fun you can have sharing your knowledge and identifying items underwater and, chances are, you'll understand more how precious these creatures are.

Don't buy souvenirs that feature items taken from the sea; corals, sea shells, starfish and sponges have been pilfered from the sea to make gaudy souvenirs and trinkets. These items belong in the sea, not in the bathroom.

Latest sightings on Green island by: Cyril and Joe (2009/5/30) :

Ornate Ghost Pipe Fish , Hump Nose Unicorn Fish, Rockmover Wrasse

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