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Green Island Adventures

Over the last 8 years we have grown into a foreign owned, English speaking service that helps guests from all over the world to, not only enjoy Green island, but travel and enjoy all of Taiwan and the outlying islands. Great sightseeing,old culture charm, cuisine for all tastes, and friendly people-are but a few things that make visiting this part of the world interesting and memorable.
Taipei City Tours and surrounds now available + Taroko Gorge 1 Day Tours
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Green Island - A Paradise off the East Coast of Taiwan ...
Green Island offers visitors and expats in Taiwan a great getaway option with spectacular snorkeling and diving options. Life here is relaxed and at slow pace. The people are friendly and go to great pains ensuring our guests visit a pollution-free,clean island. Come scuba dive in Taiwan with us.Scuba Courses Every Month
Please remember to book early for Chinese New Year 2011
- Starts February 3rd



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SCUBA Package prices &Tours (Come Dive Taiwan With Us !)


Monthly scuba trips to Puerto Gallera, Philippines from Taipei or Kaohsiung
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The "Mandy" 4 day Tour
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Kaohsiung Lantern Festival
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Keelung Ghost Festival
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Cheap Travel Packages to Hualien and Taroko Gorge

Kinmen Island.
Book flights to Green Island, Kinmen(Chinmen) Island, and Orchid Island
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Far East Cities in Taiwan and China
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Green Island Adventures will help you organize the perfect vacation on Taiwan's exquisite and untouched tropical Green Island and the rest of Taiwan . Although it is small, Green Island offers so much including beautiful beaches, snorkeling and some great scuba diving. Let us introduce you to this little-known paradise off the south east coast of Taiwan.Member of:Taichung American Chamber Of Commerce