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Over the last 10 years we have grown into a foreign owned, English speaking service that helps guests from all over the world to, not only enjoy Green island, but travel and enjoy all of Taiwan and the outlying islands. Great sightseeing,old culture charm, cuisine for all tastes, and friendly people-are but a few things that make visiting this part of the world interesting and memorable.

Penghu Package:
The Penghu Islands which are located in the Taiwan Strait are made up of 64 islands covering a surface of 1,555 square kilometers (600 square miles). The many small islands offer, white sandy beaches, open blue skies complete with a refreshing ocean breeze. The islands are named after its biggest island, Penghu which is where the capital Makung is located.
The main occupation in Penghu is fishing, therefore most of the temples are dedicated to Matsu, the goddess of the sea and of course seafood is easily found, fresh and delicious.These packages were specifically designed with foreign visitors in mind. The package makes getting there easy; there is someone to greet you and assist you on arrival and at the hotel. Once you arrive on the island your hosts will greet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel. If you have an international driver license or Taiwan driver license you can have the scooter included in your package.If you do not, we can arrange bicycles in stead. There are buses and taxis of course and it is easy to get around the little islands by little ferries that depart oftem from Makung Port.
We are also adding little tours and excursions, for a small extra fee, all the time and the hotels we use are divided into 3 catagories as reflected in the packages below. The pictures therefor are a representation of that level of accommodation not the exact room you will be getting. We always try to arrange the best rooms in each catagory of course and our phone is always on -
We speak English and are foreign owned! Eddie: 0972065479. Travel and tour Penghu in Taiwan on our trips and packages! TIP!!: You can increase your chances of a successful booking with us by specifying 2 or more departure points eg. Taipei or Taichung

"Fun" On Penghu - Package
(This little guest house can arrange BBQ's, kayakking, tours, snorkeling and many more activities around the island which an be arranged once there.)

  • Round trip air ticketsfrom Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung Airports
  • Pick-up and drop- off at airport on Penghu
  • Scooter × 1 ( for every 2 persons sharing)-please click here to fill out indemnity form or bicycles
  • Hotel Room ( a/c, TV , Private bathroom)
  • Breakfast

(per person)

Currency: NT

Weekday (Mon-Thursday nights)

Holiday (Friday-, Saturday- & Sunday nights)

2 days 1 night

3 days 2 nights

4 days 3nights


2 days 1 night

3 days 2 nights

4 days 3 nights



$7,900 $11,900 $13,800 $9,500 $13,000 $14,000


$5,900 $8,900 $9,900 $6,900 $9,700 $10,900
$6,900 $8,900 $9,900 $7,800 $9,900 $10,900


$5,800 $6,900 $8,900 $6,800 $7,500 $10,000
$6,700 $8,800 $10,900 $6,900 $8,900 $11,100
$5,900 $6,900 $8,900 $6,700 $7,500 $9,500

*Please add NT 400 per person for round trip flights from Taipei.

Additional tours and activities/water sports:

- Jibei Island and watersports ( banana boat , jet ski and beach,snorkeling ) : NT 1100 per person

- NanHai 4 Islands Tour: NT 1500

Children aged 2 and under will be charged a flat rate of NT$1000. Children above 2 years old will be charged adult fare.
You are welcome to arrive as early as you wish, but we cannot promise that your accommodations will be ready before 12:30 p.m. Check out time is 10:00 AM. Reservations mus t be guaranteed by advance deposit of 100% price of the packages . The following information is required in order to reserve air ickets :(guest name, passport number, date of birth) . We will appreciate it very much if you would notify us of your cancellation, so that other passengers on the waiting list can be accommodated. About Cancellations: In case of natural disaster ( i.e. typhhoon) and flights are cancelled, cancellations will be accepted without charge and a full refund will be made.

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Here is a testimonial from recent guests:


Thanks a lot for organizing our trip to Penghu. It was wonderful. The staff at the BnB was great. Very obliging and helpful.


Below are some photographs of Penghu islands and sightseeing areas:




Here's some background info from Wikipedia :

The Penghu Islands, also known as Pescadores (from Portuguese: "fishermen") are an archipelago off the western coast of Taiwan in the Taiwan Strait consisting of 90 small islands and islets covering an area of 141 square kilometers.

The whole archipelago forms Penghu County, Taiwan Province of Republic of China ("Taiwan"), the archipelago along with the island of Taiwan, composed the former Japanese territory of Formosa.

Here is an article about windsurfing in Penhu :
If you are an experienced windsurfer and love the big waves, then Penghu in winter is just the place for you.

Penghu is the name given to a cluster of low, rocky, relatively unattractive islands in the Strait of Taiwan, the windiest body of water in Asia. When the northeast monsoons blow, the wind gets squeezed into the Strait by the high mountain ranges of Taiwan to the east and the Chinese mainland to the west. The effect is like a wind tunnel, and the generally strong monsoon winds accelerate to become all but overpowering. Right through winter, the average daily wind speed in Penghu is around 30 knots; days of 40-50 knots are common; and "no-wind days" are virtually unheard of. By a stroke of great good fortune, the islands are grouped tightly together, enclosing a section of sea into what is virtually a saltwater lake about 6km across. The winds can howl across the low-lying land and onto this enclosed water, but the huge swells that roll down the Strait are blocked. The result is spectacular conditions for radical slalom sailing, chop hopping and mega-jumps, and flat-out speed. No matter how good you are, this place will dish up all you handle and more.

Rumours about Penghu -- once called the Pescadores Islands -- were around for some time before two Taiwanese-based expatriates, Australian Alex Mowday and Swiss Roland Heimgartner, set up a high wind boardsailing business on the main island in 1996, called it Bump 'n' Jump, and started seriously spreading the word about the awesome conditions. It was relatively easy to host visitors; Penghu is popular with Taiwanese holiday makers in summer, so there's plenty of accommodation and regular flights. The islands are steadily gaining a much-deserved reputation amongst the international boardsailing community, and this November, when Penghu hosts the first leg of the Asian Windsurfing Tour, that reputation should grow even more.

What you need

First, you need to have at least intermediate windsurfing skills -- this is no place to start learning. You should be comfortable on a short board, able to waterstart quickly and without fail, able to nail a reasonable number of your gybes, and ideally have some experience in rough, windy conditions. As regards equipment, you need short sturdy boards and small, super-tough sails. These days most boardsailors in Asia very sensibly buy the new gear that's purpose-built for light to medium conditions; but this gear will get completely trashed at Penghu, so unless you have genuine strong wind gear, you're better off avoiding the transportation hassles and simply renting from Alex and Roland at Bump 'n' Jump. Just bring a wetsuit -- mainly for wind chill, the water's quite warm -- a good book because there's not much to do at night, and your favourite bruise cream. You'll need that.

When to go & getting there

It all happens during the northeast monsoon, which really cranks from November through till March. There's a month either side of that which is okay, though not as strong or consistent as the main months. The wind quiets down during summer, and the crowds and the prices increase drastically as local people come to relax in the sun. Getting there is much easier than you'd expect. You can fly into Kaohsiung or Taipei and from there fly on to Makung, the main town in the Penghu group. There are some 40 flights a day to choose from.

Favourite mystery: The Baron

Self-proclaimed global windsurfing ambassador, the Baron Arnaud de Rosnay, an eccentric, charismatic Frenchman, was hell-bent on sailing across every major strait in the world that separated two countries. After illegally but successfully sailing from Japan to the USSR in 1986, he headed south and attempted to sail from China to Taiwan. The Chinese say they offered him a support boat, but legend has it he decided to go it alone and snuck out a day in advance of his scheduled departure. The Straits were in a particularly savage mood that day, with very strong winds, huge swells and reports of big ocean rollers actually breaking in open water. The Baron simply disappeared without even the slightest trace of his gear ever being found, which -- needless to say -- brought all the conspiracy theorists and "a Red under every bed" paranoids out in force . . .

The top sites

Guan-In-Ting: In Penghu, you inevitably base yourself in Makung, the main town. Getting around the small islands is relatively easy by car or bike -- the islands are so close together they're now all linked by bridges -- but in any case the site generally regarded to be the best in Penghu is Guan-In-Ting, the harbour in Makung. The rigging-up and launch sites are protected and comfortable, with a breakwater providing a buffer zone before you get out into the truly radical stuff. Although this is the section of relatively flat water enclosed by the islands, it's still 6km across to the other side, and that's plenty of space for the powerful winds here to whip up a fierce chop. Conditions are ideal for big jumps and loops, or you can go for flat-out speed by running with the swell. See how far you get before you lose your nerve and sheet out!

Wuni: This is the ideal place for radical speeds. Although it's tightly enclosed by land, it's still exposed to plenty of wind and has a big enough water area to allow 800m-long reaches. Since it's not as exposed as some other places, when it's blowing 55 knots at Guan-In-Ting, it'll be 25knots here. But the big advantage is the chop is only about an inch high!

Lungmen: probably the best place for wave jumping, with side-onshore winds and good launch ramps (swells of 1-2m). It works best on a high tide when the wind is 35-40 knots.

East Beach (near Lungmen): There are excellent waves on the offshore reefs -- though that means extra risk, and makes high tide the best time to sail -- and strong cross-shore winds. There's plenty of opportunity for good jumping and wave riding, but it can get very rough if the swells pick up.

With daily average wind speeds of 40-50 knots, Penghu's windsurfing is not for a beginner or the faint-of-heart. Be certain to bring super-tough sails and your wetsuit - the water is warm but the winds that make the boardsailing so great will make for chilly conditions when you're sailing. Published from Action Asia Magazine.


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