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Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

(Pic's by Ralph Bosmeier 2007/11)

Guests from all over the world are always pleasantly surprised by the excellent diving here. Coral reefs abound around the island and are very easy to access (over 205 different kinds of hard and soft coral are to be found including Mountain coral -only to be found in the warm Japanese current). Snorkeling and scuba diving excursions are well organised and first timers can enjoy guided, supervised snorkeling with lifejackets and lifebuoys. Optical diving masks are also provided which is particularly welcome for those wearing glasses and contact lenses. Click here for under water pics of fish and coral off Green Island Taiwan

Tropical fish and coral reefs create a spectacular underwater display, even at shallow depths, and the clear, calm waters offer great visibility. When there are enough tourists around, a glass-bottomed boat cruises above the coral reefs and if you want a wedding at sea, the captain is authorised to perform marriage ceremonies on board! For those who would rather not go snorkeling, a glass bottom boat cruise can easily be arranged in stead.

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Click here to learn more about our "Discover our Coastlines" program as well as the geocache on Green Island

A story about scuba diving on Green Island :

Green Island SCUBA Trip

In March 2006 a group of us went to Green Island on a Green Island Adventures! package. All our train tickets were pre-booked by Eddie ( , and on Friday morning we boarded the 6:15 am train from Taichung to Taitung on a scenic 5 hour journey round Southern Taiwan. After a short wait (allowing time to freshen up at the new and clean bathrooms at Taitung station), we were greeted by Eddie’s partner, Jacky, and were taken to the harbor where we boarded the ferry on a 45 minute cruise to Green Island.

Green Island greeted us with a blanket of greenery and crystal clear waters. A mini-bus transported us to the hotel and after checking in our scooters were delivered ( 1 scooter per couple). The 2 night 3 day package allows a lot of flexibility time wise and we decided to explore the island ( 17 km circumference) and its very special rock formations, old villages, white beaches and hiking trails; and one of only three salt water hot springs in the world – overlooking the ocean!.

The evening kicked off with a lovely seafood meal at the “Fisherman” restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The fish and vegetables were super fresh and the beers ice cold…
The next morning our SCUBA dives were arranged. We kitted up at the dive shop, and were transported as a group to the first dive site.
“Having lived and dived in Taiwan for 4 years, this is the best diving I’ve experienced so far”: (PADI Instructor). The underwater topography abounds with coral
(hard and soft) and reef fish.

Our second dive took us to some of the oldest coral formations known on the planet
( verified by National Geographic). Spectacular underwater scenes greeted us….

While we were diving, Eddie took the non-divers for a guided tour of the island and all the interesting places like the prison exhibition center ( depicting the modern history of Taiwan and the reign of the White Terror) as well as the original little settlement village of the first Taiwanese Chinese that inhabited the island. The Sleeping Beauty- and Pekinese Dog rock formations provided excellent photo opportunities.

The afternoon was spent taking the non-SCUBA divers for a guided snorkeling excursion, which proved to be a momentous occasion for two people who have never been in the ocean before, let alone snorkeling – and they loved it ! The rest of us joined the guided snorkeling excursion and free dived with our friends. Even snorkeling at very shallow depths was not disappointing i t o sea life. Coral and reef fish abounded!

The second evening was spent in an open-air table barbeque restaurant ( eat as much as you like NT 250) on the quiet northern side of the island. In addition Eddie surprised with a few kilos of Boerewors (South African sausage).The food was good and the beers ice cold…

Sunday morning was spent having a hearty breakfast after some went to their favorite spots on the island and others went shopping in the many little shops of which the “Fuck very Hot” shop proved to be most popular. Little coves with little white beaches
and beautiful rock pools are to be found everywhere on the island and shell gathering is allowed.

Due to train schedules we boarded the 11:30 ferry and killed time waiting for our train, wandering around Taitung city and having lunch.

Points to note:

- Sea sickness tablets ( well advised to take some)
- Beach Towels
- Favorite drinks
- Snacks etc for the trip getting there

-Take your favorite mask or fins if you can (optical masks to replace your Contact Lenses or glasses can be rented at the dive shop)
-Remember SCUBA Certification card!

Scuba and fun trips to Green Island can be arranged by contacting Eddie : ;

Narrated by Jerry Cardy
Sharks are being killed for their fins quicker than they can reproduce and there is no currently viable method of shark farming.
Over 50% of the world's fins are traded through Hong Kong, largely to serve Asian markets. Unless people stop consuming shark products, many species will soon be extinct. Removing these apex predators from the oceans threatens the delicate balance of marine ecosystems.  No less than 70% of the world's oxygen is generated from our seas and oceans.... it makes sense to protect them. 
Sharks fin has NO nutritional value, NO medicinal value and NO taste - there's simply NO credible point in eating it. The clip takes a humourous look at a very serious issue. We're on 150,000 views already... can you help us raise our awareness by forwarding the link? 

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving




Respect the reef

If it bothers you that the dive boat crew litters the ocean; if it saddens you that a boat uses its anchor and not mooring buoys; if it irritates you that other divers touch coral; if it frustrates you that the dive brief doesn't include conservation guidelines then it is down to you to help set an example for good diving practices. 

It is all too easy to imagine that most if not all divers have an inherent respect for the ocean. However we know that this is not entirely true these guidelines are a sensible and timely reminder to all divers and dive operators to take increased responsibility for preserving the precious coral reefs.

In the water

Avoid all physical contact with corals and marine life; even the slightest touch can crumble sponges or remove the surface of corals and do damage that takes corals years to recover from.  Whilst touching marine life is an unforgivable intrusion into the underwater world. e.g. puffing up 'puffer fish', riding turtles, collecting shells.
Do not feed fish; Numerous studies have shown that feeding fish disrupts their normal normal feeding patterns and his harmful to the fish.
It leads to a reduced ability to capture natural food, makes them dependent on people and they lose their natural wariness of people, leading to aggressive behaviour.
It may also be harmful to divers especially when attempting to feed fish with poor eyesight but a strong sense of smell! e.g moray eels, groupers, they might easily mistake your hand for the food!

Don't litter the ocean
; even biodegradable items such as banana skins and orange peel can be mistaken by fish and marine mammals and shouldn't be thrown overboard. Worse still are plastic water bottles, snack wrappers, cigarette butts and waste food. Take a carrier bag with you and offer to collect rubbish for safe disposal.  How many times have you seen divers and boat crew throwing their cigarette buts into the ocean?

Take nothing out of the sea, except recent litter
; use your judgment - most floating items pose a threat for marine life - for example plastic bags cause a significant hazard to turtles that confuse them for jellyfish, ingesting them and then dying. However some older debris (old tires, dead sea shells) may already have formed habitats for some marine life.

Practice good buoyancy control; peak buoyancy control is key to enjoying a relaxed underwater encounter minimising the risk of contact with corals or rock formations.

Adopt appropriate finning techniques for the conditions; mid water column diving might warrant a regular kicking motion whilst a frog-kick or gentle flutter kick could be more appropriate for closer proximity to corals and the sea bed to avoid kicking up sediment.

Ensure all equipment is well secured so that it doesn't drag or catch on corals; being able to locate your gauges and octopus without looking is not only sensible diving practice it avoids items knocking or snagging on corals.

Adhere to all local dive rules and regulations; each dive location may have separate rules that should be acknowledged. Find out and adhere to these guidelines for safe and enjoyable diving.

On land / boats

Encourage and support the use of dive moorings; choose and reward dive operators that use fixed moorings at dive sites. Dropping an anchor overboard can cause monumental damage to coral reefs and the surrounding environment.

Learn more about coral reefs, fish and marine creatures
; the more you learn, the more fun you can have sharing your knowledge and identifying items underwater and, chances are, you'll understand more how precious these creatures are.

Don't buy souvenirs that feature items taken from the sea; corals, sea shells, starfish and sponges have been pilfered from the sea to make gaudy souvenirs and trinkets. These items belong in the sea, not in the bathroom.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving


Call Eddie: 0972 065 479 (+886 972 065 479 - from outside Taiwan)

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