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Welcome to Sun Moon Tours - TAINAN

If traveling in large groups on big tour buses is not for you , then consider Sun Moon Tours - flexible and the driver/guide speaks English. We assist our guests with everything from bargaining at markets to ordering meals. The price is affordable and you can experience so much more and with an English speaking person as driver and guide.Traveling Taiwan just became a lot easier . Feel free to put together your own itinerary from the tours below.The driver is also trained in CPR & 1st Aid.Please remember that we can always lower prices for our budget conscious guests by using budget hotels and hostels along the way instead - just e mail us and ask for: "Budget Price".
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Feel free to incorporate a visit to some hot springs in your tour - click here for more info

Confucius Temple and Anping Shopping Area and stalls
Dragon Boats at Anping Temple
Koxinga Shrine & Temple Complex


  • Pick-up from Taichung or Tainan HSR Station or Hotels in Cities (Please let us know)
  • Drop-off at HSR Stations or Hotels in Cities (Please let us know where)
  • Hotel ( centrally located tourist hotels)
  • Breakfast
  • Visit:

    Our Area Options and Prices below- for 2 night and 3 night packages options "B" & "C" work well - feel free to add if you like:

    A: Tainan City and surrounds, a walking tour of Chih Kan Tower and surrounding area as well as Koxinga Shrine and Confucius Temple then drive to Anping Fort

    B: Kaohsiung : Meinong ; the place where they make the painted umbrellas ( Parasols)
    , KLaohsiung City at night.

    C: Alishan and Sun Moon Lake/ Puli ( Stay at Sun Moon Lake
(per person) Currency: NT $
Weekday (Mon-Thursday nights)
Holiday and/or Friday-, Saturday- & Sunday nights + any week nights added
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 nights
4 days 3nights
2 days 1 night
3 days 2 nights
4 days 3 nights
Twin (2 bed)
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Child(2~12 ages)

Each tour is different and we are very flexible. On each tour we try to find new places to visit and improve our understanding of Taiwan while having a lot of fun, trying new cuisine and snacks, shop and take amazing photographs . Feel free to give input and to ask to visit places you would like to see along the way.
"Double room" = 1 double bed (2 persons) , "single room" = 1 bed (1 person) ,"twin room"= 2 double beds ( 4 persons),Children aged 2 and under will be charged a flat rate of NT$1900 ,Children's rates apply after one guest, paying the single rate, occupies a guest room. You are welcome to arrive as early as you wish, but we cannot promise that your accommodations will be ready before 12:30 p.m. Check out time is 10:00 AM. Reservations mus t be guaranteed by advance deposit of 100% price of the packages The following information is required in order to reserve:(guest name, and time for arrival & departure etc. at train station/airport/ HSR/Bus etc)We will appreciate it very much if you would notify us of your cancellation, so that other guests on the waiting list can be accommodated. About Cancellations:RAIN does not warrant any cancellation! In case of natural disaster ( i.e. typhoon) cancellations will be accepted without charge and a full deposit can be refunded without charge.
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Welcome to Green Island Adventures

Over the last 10 years we have grown into a foreign owned, English speaking service that helps guests from all over the world to, not only enjoy Green island, but travel and enjoy all of Taiwan and the outlying islands. Great sightseeing,old culture charm, cuisine for all tastes, and friendly people-are but a few things that make visiting this part of the world interesting and memorable. Come Travel Taiwan with us.
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Green Island (Ludao/Luydao)Packages /HOTELS/Rates/Prices

Taiwan - Car Rental Cheap & Easy

Green Island - A Paradise off the East Coast of Taiwan ...
Green Island offers visitors and expats in Taiwan a great getaway option with spectacular snorkeling and diving options. Life here is relaxed and at slow pace. The people are friendly and go to great pains ensuring our guests visit a pollution-free,clean island. Come tour & scuba dive in Taiwan with us.Feel free to combine tours and packages we offer,even make up your own - we are very flexible.
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Please remember that we can always lower prices for our budget conscious guests by using budget hotels and hostels along the way instead - just e mail us and ask for: "Budget Price".



Green Island - Prices,Hotel Packages & Costs

SCUBA Package prices &Tours(Come Dive Taiwan With Us !)

Monthly Beach - Party-Scuba trips to Puerto Gallera, Philippines from Taiwan

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The "Mandy" 4 day Tour
Feel free to incorporate/add a visit to some hot springs in your tour -
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Orchid Island packages and diving
Kaohsiung Lantern Festival
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Keelung Ghost Festival
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Cheap Travel Packages to Hualien and Taroko Gorge
Kinmen Island.

Book flights to Green Island, Kinmen(Chinmen) Island, and Orchid Island & Penghu
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Far East Cities in Taiwan and China
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We currently support 2 charities close to our heart
(the 2nd one was introduced to the list after Eddie's Mom told us that she feels very strongly about this issue: Young girls' education) - Please have a look if you can spare the time:

One Man's Mission to Promote Peace . . . One School at a Time; Greg Mortensen

Please remember that we can always lower prices for our budget conscious guests by using budget hotels and hostels along the way instead - just e mail us and ask for: "Budget Price". We will really try to help you the best we can to travel this beautiful Island of Taiwan.

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Green Island Adventures will help you organize the perfect vacation on Taiwan's exquisite and untouched tropical Green Island and the rest of Taiwan . Although it is small, Green Island offers so much including beautiful beaches, snorkeling and some great scuba diving. Let us introduce you to this little-known paradise off the south east coast of Taiwan. Try us for cool adventure trips in Taiwan.Member of:Taichung American Chamber Of Commerce