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Welcome to Sun Moon Tours

If traveling in large groups on big tour buses is not for you , then consider Sun Moon Tours. The price is the same but you can experience so much more and with a foreigner as driver and guide, traveling becomes easier than ever.

Taiwan Central Aboriginal 3 Day Tour (Starts Taichung):
Day 1
AM - Taichung City Tour ( 3,5 hours),Sanyi Woodcarving village (1 hour)
PM - Drive to Hualien through Snow Mountain tunnel and along scenic coastal highway.
(dinner at dumpling restaurant ; visit Jade/marble market and aboriginal dance show)
AM - Taroko Gorge
PM - East Rift Valley
Check in at hotel in Taitung
Day 3
AM Museum of pre-history ( indigenous peoples of Taiwan)
PM Drive or train back to Taipei/Kaohsiung or Taichung

Click on this link to see Dr Dierenfields tour pictures:

D) Aboriginal Village Tour (Bunun Tribe): Click pic's below for slideshow

Day 1

Drive to Wang Hsiang (Kalibuan) In Yu Shan National park ( Jade Mountain)
Wangsiang Village—the gateway to Northeast Asia’s highest peak


Wangsiang Village is located in the central Taiwan county of Nantou. Most of the residents of Wangsiang are members of the indigenous Bunun tribe. This village is surrounded by verdant hills and towering mountains, and offers a relaxing cultural getaway.

One of its unique characteristics is that it is the only indigenous village in Taiwan to boast views of Yushan, also known as Mt. Jade. At 3,952 meters, this is the tallest peak in Northeast Asia. Yushan is located in a national park of the same name, and permits are required to hike this mountain. For more information go online to

Wangsiang is home to more than 20 ecotour guides, certified to take groups through Yushan National Park’s ecologically protected areas, and thus is one of the starting points for climbs to Yushan’s summit.

If this seems too physically taxing, a hike along the village’s Hunters’ Trail might be in order. This six-kilometer landscaped trail was once used by the village’s hunters on their way deep into the mountains in search of game. Along the way is a pavilion from where it is possible to see the entire village, and in good weather Yushan’s main peak.

Other village attractions include a suspension bridge that wobbles as you walk along it high above a rushing river. But, rest assured, this adventure is quite safe. In addition, the village has created murals depicting tribal legends, such as the origin of fire.

Wangsiang is part of Sinyi Township, which is a major plum producing area. However, with Taiwan’s entry into the WTO, plums have been unable to compete in some of their traditional markets such as Japan. Thus, plum farmers needed to find a way to use up the excess fruit. It was decided to process them into liqueurs, and the Sinyi Plum Winery opened in 2002. The winery, operated by the Sinyi Township Farmers Association, produces a 12-proof plum liqueur, as well as stronger 40-proof combinations of plum liqueur and brandy or rice wine or millet wine. Packaging design was done in house and features cartoon figures dressed in Bunun traditional costumes to represent the cultural make-up of this township, in which half of the population is Bunun. These products can be purchased in the winery’s showroom and with advance reservation groups can tour the winery’s facilities. For more information, go online to

December is a good time to visit Sinyi as this is when the hillsides are decorated in delicate white plum blossoms. In springtime, beginning in March, the plums are harvested and visitors can pick the ripe fruit and learn how to preserve it in special classes offered by the Sinyi Winery.

Also nearby Wangsiang Village is the Dongpu Hot Springs. There are a number of options for enjoying the natural spring waters including upscale resorts. However, for the cleanest and purest spring water, head to its source at the top of a very steep hill. Here you can soak in pools that range in temperature from cool to warm to hot. And, if you still have the energy to hike, a 1.5-kilometer trail takes you to a magnificent waterfall.

Wangsiang offers affordable accommodation in the form of homestays. These are rooms offered by local residents that allow visitors the chance to interact with a Bunun family to gain a better understanding of this culture. For dinner, enjoy a meal of barbecued pork and wild greens picked fresh from the surrounding hillsides. Following dinner, the residents of Wangsiang show off their singing and dancing talent in a program of contemporary and traditional performances.

Tribe-Asia, in conjunction with Green Island Adventures, is pleased to offer two-day, one-night tour packages to Wangsiang Village. For more information, e-mail to

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